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How Jon managed to shred down with no restrictive diets

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Jon lost 5kg, packed on muscle and achieved his goal physique even without the gym through the understanding of nutrition during the COVID lockdown.

23 years old Jon tried to get in shape during the COVID lockdown without the gym. He tried doing HIIT , pilates and Tabata but only lasted for the first few days due to the lack of results. He also started snacking on food like cakes, chips and ice cream due to binge eating and boredom during the lockdown. This has cause him to quickly gained weight which was detrimental to his career as an air steward.

My plan was clear when he approached me, wanting to make a change in his lifestyle and fitness. We established the reason for his lack of motivation when he tried working out and constant binge eating.

Due to the COVID lockdown, I formulated a 4x training routine which comprises of workouts at his neighbourhood fitness corner as well as home workout with small dumbbells he has at home. I realised the main reason for his lack of motivation is there was no structure to his workouts. Jon will select random HIIT workouts on YouTube and there is no progression nor understanding behind. During our workouts, we focused on progressive overload. For example, on week 1 we will perform total weekly volume of 40 pull-ups and 60 in the subsequent week. This gave Jon a goal to work towards after understanding the concept of progressive overload.

This is the first time seeing myself in waist 31 inch, I was around 33/34. Apart from that, my back muscles become obvious, thanks to the pull ups. I’m starting to fall in love with them!

Moving to Jon's nutrition, my objectives for him were 1. Understand the basic fundamentals of nutrition and 2. Making him more conscious regarding his food choices. By understanding how macro-nutrients of carbs, protein and fat will make or break one's fitness endeavours, Jon was able to make independent and educated choices that allowed him to lose fat without restrictive eating. I also suggested a couple of easy to prepare meals using his air-fryer that is high in both satiety and nutritional content to support his physique goal. I also suggested snack alternatives that he can fall back on whenever his cravings hit.

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As the results started showing after implementing our plan, Jon's momentum and confidence to carry out the plan increased with every passing day. Jon noticed his lifestyle and diet has changed massively during coaching and now has more energy and focus throughout the day.

For Jon, the biggest benefit of the coaching was improving his relationship with food and learning how to plan his nutrition to achieve his fitness goals. He was now able to ensure continual progress without sacrificing his favourite food.

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