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Addison - How a busy service professional working 10 hours daily achieve his body without a gym.

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

With an individualised plan to address his nutrition and training, Addison achieved his goal physique without going to the gym through my 16-Week Body Transformation program.

Addison lost 4kg and build significant muscle in his first 8 weeks

27 years old Addison works in a demanding service industry has always dreamt of building a muscular and defined physique.

He tried to learn the basic of strength training on his own and even hired a personal trainer at Pure Fitness but the training schedule and diet plan prescribed by the trainer were too rigid and unrealistic for a service worker to follow through. The lack of results left him demotivated and disappointed.

Addison was at the point of giving up on achieving his dream body when he chanced upon my 16-Week Body Transformation Program and decided to take the plunge.

My plan for Addison was very clear, planning sustainable diets and training that would fit into his busy work life for the long run. We started off by establish his usual day of eating which consists of what he can find at a coffeeshop near his workplace. I started educating him about nutrition such as how macros and calories and how to choose suitable food so he can reach his dream body as quickly as possible.

Addison started tracking his meals which gave him an analytical overview of what he was eating every day. To make sure he is on the right track, he will send me what he ate at the end of the day. Not only it gave me clarity on what he is eating, I also know how I can adjust Addison's diet to make it more sustainable and effective. I also provide some time-saving and cost friendly dietary tips to increase his protein intake without the use of whey supplement as he is lactose intolerant. Along with achieving his dream body, Addison also gained valuable knowledge on nutrition that he could carry on into his life even after accomplishing his goals.

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Instead of paying for an expensive membership for a gym that is usually closed by the time he ended work, I advised Addison to invest in a pair of adjustable dumbbell which is less than a month of membership and will have much greater utility in the long run. I also plan out a flexible workout program consisting of exercises at his neighbourhood fitness corner as well as home workouts with the dumbbell. Each workout lasted 45 minutes and is much more sustainable in terms of cost and accessibility. Addison now does not need to travel to a gym, nor pay an expensive membership every month for a gym he does not use.

The results came almost instantly right after we start. Addison is no stranger to hard work so implementing and following through his new sustainable diet and training routine was much easier than his previous rigid program. Although my training was more frequent (4x to 5x a week) than his usual 3x gym training, Addison found it much easy to stick to it due to the shorter training time and accessibility since the fitness corner was only a 3 min walk from his house. There were some trial and error in nutrition but Addison quickly learn the fundamentals of nutrition and was able to choose appropriate meals with less hand-holding.

"Thank you for guiding me through my workouts and suggesting food that I can buy at my workplace!"

After 16 weeks, Addison finally got the body he had always wanted as well as walking away with life knowledge that he can carry into his life!


Give me 16 weeks of your dedication and work ethic and you will get back life-changing results.

Undergo the life-changing transformation for yourself now!

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