Time to get primal. Monkeying Around is perfect if you are ​looking for an efficient way to build solid lean mass with facilities found in a fitness corner.

All you need is a pull up bar, dip bars and 45 minutes of concentration to build lean mass, master your body control and improve your general fitness. ​Let's get it.

Equipment needed: Pull Up Bar, Dips Bar, Bag pack (optional)


  • 8-week training program

  • 4 workout sessions per week. Reps, sets and rest time provided.

  • Minimalistic routine focusing heavily on bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, dips and core work.

  • Workout intensifiers by incorporating techniques such as: Supersets, Giant sets and TUT training.

  • Videos to demonstrate each exercise

  • Access the program on my app, available worldwide on IOS & Android

  • Might turn you into a jacked monkey