Minimalistic Training, Maximum Results
More is not always better. Get better results with shorter but higher intensity workouts. Minimal equipment required.

Save 15%

Basic to Intermediate

0 to 3 years

60 mins per workout

4 Times a Week

Standard Gym/

Condo Gym



Are you someone who spends more than 90 minutes, 6 days a week in the gym? Do you find yourself feeling burnt out and not making progress? This is because more is not always better. By focusing on ramping up the intensity, balanced with adequate recovery, Minimalistic Max will deliver you double results with half of your time.

Minimalistic Max comes in two options: 8 weeks (2 phases) and 12 weeks (3 phases).

  • Phase 1 focuses on increasing your strength on the chin-ups, dips and Bulgarian Split Squat with supplementary accessories for muscular balance

  • Phase 2 rotates into a different set of core movements to provide a new stimulus while preventing overworking your joints and tendon

  • Phase 3 will have you focusing on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy by increasing your training volume. This final phase will also contain more accessory exercises to bring up weak points.

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Training Schedule

Each workout will be planned for you in a week, with rest days included.


Workouts Specifics

Exact reps, sets, tempo, and rest time will be provided.

Video Demonstration

Check your form with easy-to-follow videos and instructions.

Mobile Access 

Access the program on my app, available on IOS & Android